Soul Yoga & Wellness Studio

Yoga & Wellness Sessions Designed to Inspire your Soul


Soul Yoga and Wellness Studio was born from a dream to create a place for women to focus on their personal wellness, not only physically, but mentally and spiritually as well, a place that inspires women into a greater sense of well being.

We offer classes in an intimate setting with no more than 6-8 students in each class. This gives the student more access to the instructor and creates a strong sense of community between the students.
I've designed each yoga class to conclude with a guided meditation, providing us with that all too elusive moment of stillness, which is so needed in our busy world.
Soul Yoga and Wellness Studio is a place of positivity and encouragement. You will not find competition or the need to be "perfect" here. We are here to support and uplift you on your journey into wellness!

~If you take care of the soul, the body will take care of itself.~

Class Schedule


Monday: Cancer Care Restorative Yoga~12PM *FREE CLASS*

Tuesday: Yoga 10AM, & 6PM

Wednesday: Yoga 10AM

Wednesday: 6PM~Crystal Yin Yoga & Meditation

Thursday: Yoga 10AM, & 6PM

Friday: Community Classes (no studio classes) 

Saturday: Classes added upon demand

Sunday: CLOSED

Class Fees:

*Individual Class~$15 per class

*One class weekly~$50 per month
*Two classes weekly~$75 per month
*Three or more classes weekly~$100 per month

  ~~~It's HIGHLY recommended that you pre-register for class on the website. We can't guarantee your spot in class if we don't know you're planning to join us. Even if you'd rather not pay for your classes online, just send us an email at [email protected] or call 678-650-0914 to secure your spot.~~~

* Paying for your classes monthly is not only a better financial choice, but guarantees your space in the classes of your choosing for that particular month. Your payment is due on the same date each month to reserve your spot for the upcoming month..
* If you sign up for multiple classes per week, you CAN combine yoga and YogaFlow classes! You just have to sign up for specific class days and times so we know when to expect you. 
* You can start classes at anytime. Your month begins on the day you sign up.There are no contracts or sign up fees. We never could figure out what those were for anyway. :)
* To pre-register online for classes, just visit our web store above. It's a quick, simple and secure way to sign up for class and become part of the Soul Yoga & Wellness community! Of course, if you'd like to pre-register in person, you are more than welcome to do so!



*YogaFlow is a combination of yoga and dance created by studio owner, Lisa Poole. Move in and out of gentle yoga poses through a creative fusion of different dance styles from around the world. YogaFlow is designed to enhance your flexibility, create long, lean, muscles, strengthen your core and cardiovascular system, and it's so much FUN! You don't have to be a yogi or a dancer to do it...just sign up, show up, and let the beat get you moving!!!


* Chair yoga is the perfect alternative to traditional yoga for people who have more challenging issues with balance, strength, or flexibility due to injuries, illness, or recent surgery. The name describes exactly what it is, yoga practiced while seated. We will still practice the same breath work, centering exercises, modified poses, and meditation, all from a seated position. Class length including meditation~45 Minutes


* Recent studies have shown that yoga is very beneficial to expectant moms in numerous ways! The list is looong, but here are just a few of the ways that yoga goes hand in hand with pregnancy~ ~ keeps joints healthy and supple, lowers blood pressure, maintains muscle tone, helps to balance hormone fluctuations, brings about a sense of well being, learned breathwork  and visualization can be used during labor and delivery~~and those are just SOME of the benefits!


                         Thank you so much for your interest in our Studio. We really do want to inspire your soul!     


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