Soul Yoga & Wellness Studio

Yoga & Wellness Sessions Designed to Inspire your Soul

                     ~Energy Work & Healing Sessions~

In addition to yoga, we offer several styles of healing energy work sessions. These naturally gentle, non invasive treatments are a wonderful addition or alternative to traditional medicine.
Anyone can have this work done. There are no age requirements or contraindications  AND you don't have to be a yoga student to schedule a session!
An ancient healing technique that works by activating the natural healing process of the client's body by restoring physical and emotional well being through hand placements of the Reiki healer.
45 Minutes- $50
60 Minutes w/ crystal placement- $75

                                                     Chakra Balancing
This is a complete re-tuning of the body's 7 main energy centers. The session uses the energy of crystals, visualization, and a gentle one on one guided chakra meditation. You're left with a sense of rejuvenation while feeling relaxed and at ease.
60 Minutes-$60

                                         Crystal Healing
This work consists of the placement of crystals on and around the client.  Our body naturally responds to the vibrational energy of each crystal, which balances the energies of the body, mind and spirit. This therapy can be beneficial for general well being or for specific needs of the client, whether physical, mental or emotional. Gentle, profound work.
30 Minutes-$50
60 Minutes-$75

                                         Mind/Body Coaching
This healing work is based on the principle that our physical issues spring from mental, emotional, or spiritual beliefs and thoughts. Sessions consist of interview, mind/body dialogue, using affirmations, and self discovery. Talk about taking charge of your health!
60 Minutes-$60

                                                 Soul Guided Meditation
This session consists of one on one guided meditation.  You are gently led into a meditative state, using imagery based on your needs and desires for the session. This therapy is very beneficial if you're ready to get to know yourself on a deeper soul level. The relaxation is deep, the healing is profound.
45 Minutes-50$
60 Minutes w/ crystal placement-$75